Taiwan Quilt Art Festival

Taiwan Quilt Art Festival 2019

Taiwan Quilt Festival 2019

The vision of the Taiwan Quilt Festival 2019, shows that the art of quilt is not only a small piece of handmade home decoration or accessories. Understanding of quilt is also an art demonstration of handmade creation.

The Sharing love activity of 2019 is aiming to help and support the disadvantaged groups. Our team hopes to gather personal strength, gather love and share love. With limited resources getting warm and love to our society.

There are two terms for Sharing love 2019, you can sign up in the form and optional or both as below:
1. L-01 Let Love Fly – Sunburn Activity Registration (Size 100 cm X 100 cm)
2. L-02 Share Love – Pillow quilt (Size 50 cm X 50 cm)